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About GEM-inside:

GEM-inside,Create Your Own Fashion.  The Professional on Stone Beads. Professional on collect and selling stone Beads. Selling on,,, and and is the seller of GEM-inside Beads own webstore. Provide more stone beads and findings. Low proce and better service. Free shipping for all orders. even only $0.99 orders. Better service,30 days returns for any reasons.

What is Natural Stone:

In the GEM-inside the eyes, Natural stones refers to the stone from nature, without heat, staining, laser treated only through mechanical polishing or cutting stone.

GEM-inside mark Stone to:

  • Natural (See the definition above)
  • Dyed from Natural Stone
  • Glass
  • Synthetic Stone

And clearly inform you whether this material is a natural at product page "Additional" Label. Never violated your right to know.

GEM-inside, The professional on stone beads.Your right select.

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